After, Let’s Do It!

-Our mission seems very simple and easy but it were not because of weather conditions. When we go our mission it was raining and windy. We felt colder than normal air temperature because everyone was wet.The interior of the forest was so muddy. But in this type of project is required to be prepared for this kind of thing.Also, our mentor sent mail to us “the weather will be rainy.”

-My impressions are so good because my consciousness has been improved. For example; until that day, I’d be always pollute the forest but since then, I’ve been cleaning the forest. Actually, it is not just about the forest my all environmental consciousness bas been evolved. I think that was the biggest goal of this project. I think, we got that goal.

-The project was certainly worth doing. If you do that project, you can feel that you contributed to environment. And nowadays, environment is that most important think in the world. You can prevent of depleted water sources and trees. I have recommended this project to my friends who wants to work voluntarily.

-I think, In my project does not need any changes. Maybe just, project day can determine with taking into consideration of weather conditions. Other than that, there was no problem. Next year I will recommend to all my friends who will select project.

Let’s Do it! can be definitely recommended

-Actually, I’ve met more than my expectations because we was 25 people and we collected about 400 pounds garbage. And i think that was really good number. I’m one of the volunteers and i can honestly say we did everything in our power.


-My job consisted of just one day. We worked half a day. Working conditions was difficult  due to the cold and rainy weather. But we’ve done what we need to do because we knew the importance of the work we do.

-I think I’ve contributed society. I gathered about 30 kilograms of plastic and glass and these do not disappear easily in nature. We cleaned Çekmeköy Doğa Parkı. And i saw that photo after we cleaned up. It was really feel good.. p.s: Photo which is placed on under the that sentences taken by my friend which is not in our CEP and i saw that photo on his instagram.


– Team spirit is very important in such projects. Team captain talked about the importance of that. So, of course I met new people and what i did they did same thing. I believe we have made ​​a good team work. Although number of our volunteers are less than last year, we’ve done a good job.

-In fact, since we have a single mission because of that there is no different opinion. We got good experience in CEP. There was lots of garbage of picnic. I’ve cleaned up these garbages. I’ll go and do a barbecue in the near future but of course without garbages..

Before, Let’s Do It!

My first expectation is provide to benefit to my organization and then learn something from that organization. My second expectation learns to being disciplined with that project. After this project, I look forward to the increase of my environmental awareness. So, I can prevent the destruction of nature.

I will be taking an active role in the organization and execution of the project. I want to do more than my part. If everyone does their job correctly, we can contribute to the environment and that is the what we need to do.

My project is Let’s Do It that is an international project that aims to clean all the world in one day. And we will clean an area with this organization. We will clear an area with this organization. Those who want to do this job also provide a major contribution.

Of course, they provide a lot of positive changes because this is their goals. Each NGO has different goals but they have only some one goal that is provide to benefit. Some NGOs protecting nature some of them protecting child but each NGO providing benefits to the community.

That is so important because NGOs has not a lot of opportunities. They always need volunteers especially volunteers who want to work. If we work and support our project, we can contribute to a change.